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Our Supported organization 2016-2018

In Sirenaica Foundation we believe in the talent of children and youth and the need to fully educate them from an early age.


We know that singing is an essential element of being, it is the human musical instrument and, therefore, the most appropriate tool for education from childhood, to promote the transformation of man into higher realms of the spirit, which finally allow, the construction of a free and independent, peaceful and happy society.


The Sirenaica Foundation was created in Medellin in 2001 with a group of people at the service of education in music and the arts with a primary goal: to educate children and youth with talent for singing and contribute in parallel with the social transformation and education in values of many vulnerable communities in the Metropolitan area of Medellin.


our mission is to promote the development of singing, music and the arts in children and young people with talent, educating and contributing to social transformation mainly vulnerable communities in the metropolitan area of Medellin, work done with teaching artists committed to training values.


our vision: by 2022 we will have strengthened the school of singers and choral directors discovering, forming and guiding talent, achieving an artistic results with national and international recognition.


Our Supported organization 2014-2016

The philosophy of the foundation is to create full human beings with values ​​rooted sufficiently to enable them to deal with life with clear principle that away from behaviors that are accustomed to living in your reality.


Most children are children displaced by guerrillas belonging to families or groups outside the law in Colombia.


Through fun workshops such as art, drama and singing give these children a hope to become someone else and become a human being Complete that has all the potential to grow and have a better life.


The LVD foundation is led by a pair of Christians, who came to the town of Simon Bolivar 6 years ago and are fully committed to give these children a better life by giving them space to enable them to know the fundamental values ​​that the Christian religion professes.


Thanks to this commitment and perseverance you can see respectful and eager to welcome new opportunities children.


Grant Opportunities:

- Infrastructure. Improve the conditions of the community center which has been built by the same founders with children and help with some resources that have been obtained from local donations.

- Volunteering: need support to deliver the workshops because they may be several children in one day

- Schooling: Some of the children cannot read or write. Support the development of homework.

- Children do not have a knowledge of another language

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